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Act 1 - Scene 1:

Lear divests himself of the cares of state using a ‘love-test’

Cordelia and Kent are banished for displeasing him

The Kingdom is divided between Gonerill and Regan


Act 1 - Scene 2:

Edmond makes his father Gloucester believe that Edgar seeks his life


Act 1 - Scene 3:

Gonerill complains to her steward Oswald about Lear and his followers


Act 1 - Scene 4:

Lear and Gonerill clash

Lear leaves to stay with Regan


Act 1 - Scene 5:

Lear sends a letter to Regan

He fears he is going mad


Act 2 - Scene 1:

Edmond persuades Edgar to flee

Gloucester issues orders to have Edgar to be hunted down

Regan and Cornwall arrive at Gloucester’s castle


Act 2 - Scene 2:

Kent quarrels with Oswald and challenges him to a fight

He is punished by Cornwall, who puts him in the stocks


Act 2 - Scene 3:

Edgar disguises himself as the mad beggar, Poor Tom


Act 2 - Scene 4:

Kent is found in the stocks by Lear

Lear tries to complain to Regan about Gonerill

The sisters reduce his train

Angry and distressed, Lear rushes out into the storm


Act 3 - Scene 1:

Out on the heath, Kent and the Gentleman search for Lear


Act 3 - Scene 2:

Increasingly mad, Lear rants in the storms

The Fool and Kent try to soothe him


Act 3 - Scene 3:

Gloucester tells Edmond he intends to help Lear

Edmond decides to betray his father to Cornwall


Act 3 - Scene 4:

Lear continues to rant on the heath

Poor Tom is found in a hovel


Act 3 - Scene 5:

Edmond betrays Gloucester


Act 3 - Scene 6:

Inside the hovel, Lear conducts a trial of Gonerill and Regan

Gloucester brings a coach to transport Lear to safety at Dover


Act 3 - Scene 7:

Cornwall and Regan out their horrible revenge on Gloucester


Act 4 - Scene 1:

Edgar comes across his blind, suicidal father and starts to lead him to Dover


Act 4 - Scene 2:

Gonerill and Edmond return to Gonerill’s residence

Albany accuses Gonerill of cruelty to her father. He also learns of the blinding of Gloucester


Act 4 - Scene 3:

Kent and the Gentlemen speak of Cordelia, and how Lear is too ashamed to see her


Act 4 - Scene 4:

Cordelia sends her soldiers to search for Lear, who is still wandering around outside

She expresses deep concern for her father


Act 4 - Scene 5:

Regan interrogates Oswald about a letter he is carrying from Gonerill to Edmond


Act 4 - Scene 6:

Gloucester tries to commit suicide at Dover

Lear and Gloucester meet for the last time

Edgar saves Gloucester’s life when Oswald threatens him


Act 4 - Scene 7:

Cordelia and Lear are reunited and reconciled


Act 5 - Scene 1:

Regan questions Edmond about his feelings for Gonerill

Edgar gives Albany the letter disclosing Edmond and Gonerill’s plot against his life

Edmond says he will show Lear and Cordelia no mercy after the battle


Act 5 - Scene 2:

The French forces are defeated in battle

Edgar leads Gloucester to safety for the last time


Act 5 - Scene 3:

Lear and Cordelia are sent away to prison. Edmond sends a death warrant after them.

Albany accuses Gonerill and Edmond of treason and Edgar appears to challenge Edmund

Edmund is fatally wounded in the fight. Gonerill poisons Regan, and stabs herself

Lear carries in the dead body of Cordelia and dies, mourning her