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Justified True Belief

P is true
S believes P
S is justified in believing that P


Gettier cases

Prove that one can have justified true belief without knowledge (Man with coins in his pocket/ Jones with Ford and Brown in Barcelona)


Counterexamples to Gettier cases

In the Smith counterexample the part of the belief that is justified (Jones owns a Ford, or Brown is in Barcelona) is actually false

How can you infer a true sentence from a false premis and have JTB as knowledge under this definition



Knowing is the right to be sure. Means that one is certain. The right to be sure may be earned in various ways and we need not be able to outline all of them.


Williamson: Knowledge and its Limits

Knowledge should come before belief as conceptually superior to knowledge.


Armstrong: thermometer model of knowledge

A causal account of perceptual knowledge