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3 stages of General Adaptation System

stage 1: stage of alarm - first exposure to stress
stage 2: stage of resistance - When the organism is able to cope with the stressor.
stage 3: stage of falling adaptation or stage of exhaustion - When the organism succumbs to the stress.


clinical conditions in the triad response

- Ulcerations in the stomach lining.
- Shrinkage of lymphatic tissue
- Hypertrophy of the adrenal cortex and increase in glandular activity.


a varsity athlete showing symptoms of failing adaptations. list 4 factors that indicate it is taking place

loss of weight, loss of appetite, athlete training hard but performance is poor increase irritability, increase heart rate, can't fall asleep, ring around eyes


specific responses when you look into someone's eyes

dilated pupils


re-diversion of blood

vasoconstriction of blood from skin to GI tract


prepares the body of possible wounding

increase in blood platelets


fuel for muscular activity

increase in blood glucose levels


improving nervous stimulation

increase synaptic transmission


ancient chinese lie detector test

reduction of saliva production


a varsity athlete is clearly showing symptoms of failing adaptation. as the coach, what can you do to cause reversal of the conditions and what factors can you recommend the athlete on his/her own monitor

-Get to know your athlete’s social environment.
-Take all practical steps to ensure living environment is conducive to an orderly lifestyle suitable for studying, training, & competing.
-create a positive and less stressful environment
-the athlete can look at their heart rate and weight.
- athlete talk to others about problems or remove himself/herself from stressful environments


discuss the experiment and reasons for the results when subjects asked to do math problems wearing earphones through which extremely stressed noises were delivered

there were two groups of testers to do math problems while wearing earphones that plays extremely loud noises. one group had the choice to switch off the noise, while the other group didn't. as a result, both groups scored the same. the group that had the switch did not flip the switch because they had a sense of control and had the ability to turn off/on the noise whenever they wanted to.


start position for the power clean

-head in line with spine
- chest up and out
- flat back
- knees flexed so hips below shoulders
- hand group slightly wider than shoulder width
- closed, pronated grip
- bars over toes, 1in. from shin


during a single training session, what is appropriate for the strength/power phase of an athlete's program

power clean, bench press, back squat, bent-over row, leg (knee) curl


training for power in multiple-effort typically has repetition scheme of



to find volume of load of workout shown below

multiply load and reps for each set then add all sets up


typical sequence of periodization periods within one macrocycle

preparatory, transition, competition, active rest


longest period of periodization is

the preparatory period


what is it called to prepare the body for increased demands of the next phase or period

unloading week


what exercise most closely mimics blocking in volleyball

push jerk


what combo of goal repetitions and sets most effectively promotes muscular hypertrophy

goals reps: 10
sets: 4


When designing an in-season resistance training program for a basketball
team with limited time, which of the following exercise arrangements is the
most effective and minimizes the length of the rest periods needed
between body areas?

hang clean, bench press, lunge, shoulder press


appropriate to include in the strength/power phase
of a periodized training program for a collegiate soccer goalie

b. squat depth jump drills off a24-inch (61-cm) plyometric box
c. push jerk exercise with 80% of the 1RM for 3 sets of 4 repetitions
d. Back squat exercise with 90% of the 1RM for 3 sets of 4 repetitions


When a volleyball player is training for muscular power, which of the
following load and repetition combinations is most appropriate?

75-80% load, 3-5 reps


.|n general, the snatch, power clean and hang clean should have the
following characteristic.

Starting speed from slow to fast


a college football player does power clean for 7 sets of 8 repetitions using 385 lbs. what is the athlete's volume load?

7x8= then 385x56


how long does strength take to erode?

15 +/- 5 days


in order to maintain
Anaerobic system should be trained every ? to maintain previous gains.

30 +/- 5 days


According to the power pointi what does GPP stand for?

general preparatory phase


Beside Notre Dame, who is the other undefeated FBS football team?

the ohio state


According to the NSCA what does cscs stand for

certified strength & conditioning specialist