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How many Kurds are there spread across how many countries?

30million across Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.


What have the group held onto?

they have their own language and cultural traditions but not their own territory or borders.


What do many young individuals do?

Motivated to become pesmerga, to fight Isis and risk their lives to fight for their homeland.


What do the Kurds want?

their own homeland called Kurdistan, they have been pushing for autonomy and independence since the 70s


What happened to them in the gulf wars?

they suffered repression and genocide under Saddam Hussein's regime


What has happened since the breakout of war in Syria (2011)?

Kurds have claimed part of Northern Syria, after battles with ISIS.


Why are the Kurds attached to the physical area?

where they inhabit is mountainous and inaccessible, employment was traditionally subsistence farming which gave them a strong association with the land.


Why are other countries interested in the physical area?

it has rich natural resources, it has the 6th largest oil reserve in the world (also coal/copper/gold), so other nation states are not keen to lose territory to the Kurds.


How are Kurds affected by displacement?

Diaspora: dispersion from homeland, many live overseas. over 1.2 million live in Germany, they raise awareness for other Govs and keeps attachment strong as they spend time/money to promote the cause.


What did the Kurds do in Northern Iraq in 2017?

They held an illegal Independence referendum in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, even though their would be repercussions.


How does emotional attachment effect their behaviour?

these processes (physical, individuals memories) mean the Kurds have become rooted and attached to the land, so they try to fight for independence.