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How will sea level rise effect the landforms?

Sea level is predicted to rise by 0.6m in the next 100 years, water depth and wave processes will increase, as well as erosion due to stormier conditions.


What impact does human activity have?

unintentional/intentional changes to transfers of energy/material. Intervention aims to protect from natural processes by physical barriers (walls, groynes, etc.) or hard engineering and soft engineering (beach re-charge, veg planting, etc.)


Why is Sandbanks peninsula, Dorset being protected?

It shelters Poole Harbour from waves (end of peninsula is harbour entrance), it has many high value commercial properties (Haven Hotel) and residential properties (4th most expensive in world per sqm), tourist beach (Blue flag award). If nothing done, 20yrs=£18 mill of damage


What is the Sandbanks SMP?

Rock groynes (minimise LSD/erosion, sed entering harbour), Beach recharge (sand sprayed onto beach, rainbowing, costs £20/m3)or dumping sed offshore which currents will move onshore is £3/m3. Over 3.5 mil m3 of sed has been added to Poole Bay, hold the line actually width of beach slightly advancing!