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What documents would a Delta pilot need in order to jumpseat with us?

1. Current company Photo ID

2. FAA Airmen Certificate

3. Current Medical Certificate


What documents must a non-pilot SkyWest executive have to jumpseat on a flight?

1. Current SkyWest company ID

2. SkyWest dispatch release must have the name of the official.


How do I get the most accurate indication from the brake wear pins?

Hydraulic systems 1 and 2 must be pressurized and the parking brake set.


Under what conditions must a cold weather preflight be conducted?

1. The OAT is -5C or less.

2. Atmospheric conditions conductive to icing.

3. Aircraft has been left overnight and is subject to contamination.

4. Residual ice from the inbound leg may have accumulated.

5. Wing temp is 0C or less


Which doors/panels need a security seal?

Both TRU panels need one. The after equipment bay needs two. Total of 4.


Where can you find out which static wicks can be missing?



What are you looking for when inspecting the PITOT-STATIC probe?

Obstructions and damage. (Discoloration is normal)


The post flight inspection may be waived under what conditions?

1. Outbound crew is at the aircraft prior to inbound crew commencing the terminating checklist.

2. Aircraft remains powered.

3. Outbound crew must perform an external walk around.

4. Inbound crew is required to resolve all known discrepancies prior to leaving g aircraft.


Where can GDPM information be found on driving procedures? Where can you find the GDPM?

In the GDPM. GDPM can be found under the general tab in the EFB.


How do you complete a cold weather pre flight inspection?

Visually inspect critical surfaces and components for frozen contaminants.

Run bare hand along the length of the leading edge and upper surface of the wing to detect surface features.
(Must be considered contaminated in surface features cannot be visually distinguished.


How much ice is allowed to be present under the wings prior to departure?



What are the four elements that must be transmitted to the PIC when being deiced?

1. Aircraft tail number

2. Beginning time

3. Type of fluid

4. Surfaces to be treated


What's the hold over time for Type I, light snow, -8C

0:05-0:10 minutes (GDPM Pg. 117)


When does the fuselage need to be deiced? Do the hold over times apply?

When critical surfaces are iced over or you cannot distinguish surface features.

Yes, you must adhere to the hold over time.


What is a pre takeoff check? When/how is it performed?

The check must be done as close as possible to takeoff to ensure that the deicing fluid has not failed.

May be performed from the flight deck or the cabin.

Aircraft must return for drive if there is any contamination or if the flight crew is unable to determine if there is contamination.


How do you know if a deicing fluid has failed?

Has a dull appearance as loses all glossiness.


What is the minimum information that must be included in a dispatch release?


Departure, destination, and alternate airports

ID if the aircraft

Minimum fuel for departure

MEL or CDL items on the DMI log

Weather reports


Trip Number


How is reserve fuel calculated?

Fly to the most distant alternate at TOD cruise power and fuel flow and thereafter for 45 minutes.


What is method 1 terrain clearance?

Should an engine failure occur from V1 to destination, the aircraft will be able to maintain 1000 FT of clearance within 5 NM of centerline.


What does LT H250 mean?

In the event of an engine failure in take off:

After 1000'AGL, you will then right heading 250.


What does wet rwy-low vis mean?

<4000RVR(3/4SM), 25% or more of the runway has visual dampness.


What are the PM responsibilities during an unanticipated threat?

Maintain situational awareness

Prioritize the highest threat through CRM

Accomplish checklists

Create time to formulate a plan of action

Communicate plan

Monitor PF


What are the responsibilities of the PF during an unanticipated threat?

Fly the aircraft

Respond and adhere to ATC instructions

Maintain situational awareness with periodic communications with PM

Involve PM when further problems arise


What are the stabilized approach criteria?

By 1000' ensure that:

1. Aircraft is aligned with centerline within 5 degrees and heading within 30 degrees.

2. AC is in landing configuration

3. Sinkrate is not greater than 1000FPM unless necessary

4. Appropriate power setting (Not idle)

5. VREF -0/+10