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What did Kinsey et al say highlighting the issue of using simple categories in experiments?

The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects


What is the Kinsey Scale?

developed to gather data about gender
- supposed to be more inclusive and not just binary

0 = exclusively heterosexual
X = no socio-sexual contacts
4 = predominantly homosexual, but more incidentally heterosexual

- scale varies in extremity of statements


What makes good science?

1. Validity
2. Reliability
3. Reproducibility
4. Scientific method


What is validity?

- Are we measuring what we think we are measuring?
- Fundamental distinction between a construct + its measurement
eg: academic ability vs marks earned
- only have access to the measurement vs construct


What is reliability?

Do we get consistent/ reproducible results using this measurement?


Describe the scientific method

- make an observation/ propose a theory
- create a disproval hypothesis
- design a test of the hypothesis + predict what will happen
- run the test and obtain data
- interpret the data
- reach a conclusion + generate more hypotheses


What is the replication crisis?

Where findings from famous, well-known studies do not replicate
- power posing
- smiling = happier
- ego depletion


What are some reasons for the replication crisis?

- poor understanding of methods and statistics
- pressure to publish novel and exciting results
- poor research design
- Consistent use of WEIRD


What does WEIRD stand for?

White, educated, industrialised, rich and democratic countries

- a contributor of the replication crisis


What are some potential solution to tackle the replication crisis?

- design thoughtful, through well-researched, meaningful experiments
- pre-register
- report + publish all results
- Make data and analyses openly available
-- by writing clear, helpful R scripts