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what r the 6 priority in mental health reform

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spectrum of intervention for mental health problems/illness

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what is the aim for mental health promotion

Aims to protect, enhance, support and sustain the population’s social and emotional well being and quality of life. Applicable across the entire spectrum of mental health interventions and focused on promoting well being rather than illness prevention or treatment.

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what r the elements of mental health promotion

top is to promote and identify, bottom circle is to reduce

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what is social participation

Social participation: active involvement of individuals and groups in relationships that contribute to a social richness in their lives.

- Encompasses social responsibility and social rights

- Includes social support


what is social processing

Emotional Processing: awareness and respect for our own and others emotions. Encouraging development of our emotions.

- Involves expressing emotion, and listening for others’ emotions.


what is self management skill

Self management skills: varied, holistic, and proactive ways of coping with stress that involve an internal locus of control.

- Involves having access to resources


what is self-esteem in mental health promotion

Self Esteem: relates to our underlying belief about our worthiness and significance as a person in our own right

- Includes the idea of intrinsic self worth, and that we are more than the sum of our success and failures.


what is environmental quality in mental health promotion

Environmental Quality: incorporates the absence of negative influences and culturally appropriate environmental factors

- good housing, good public transport, aesthetically pleasing building and landscaping, and proximity to nature.


what is the aim of mental ill-health prevention

–  Aims at reducing incidence, prevalence, recurrence of mental disorders, the time spent with symptoms, or the risk condition for a mental illness, preventing or delaying recurrences and also decreasing the impact of illness in the affected person, their families and the society.


what is the focuses on mental-ill health prevention

–  Focuses on reducing the risk factors for mental ill-health and enhancing protective factors.

Risk and protective factors occur in the context of everyday life (home, school, work, community, media, social activities) ...

Prevention initiatives need to occur across a range of settings


what r the risk and protective factors in mental health for

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social environmental and economic determinants of health - risk factors and protective factors

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individual and family related determinants of health - mental health risk factor and protective factors

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hat r the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention for preventing mental ill health

primary intervention impact on incidence

secondary incidence impact on prevalence

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role as a nurse in mental illness prevention

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what r some mental health promotion for

–  Strategies target modifiable risk factors and try to strengthen protective factors

–  Build resilience and strengthen coping


–  IncreaseawarenessofMI;reducestigma

–  Promotion strategies include education, advertising, media campaigns to promote acceptance and encourage early access


– MH Promotion program for school staff (access online resources) to support and improve psychological wellbeing of secondary school students


mental ill health prevention

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united nation report call for revolution in metal health care

- shift in approach should prioritise policy innovation at the population level, target social determinants and abandon the predominant medical model that seeks to cure individuals by targeting disorders

- promote healthy, safe and enabling environments

- population-based approaches to mental health promotion

- mental health must be integrated in primary and general health care through the participation of all stakeholders in the development of public policies that address the underlying determinants