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Evaluating contractor's QA/QC plan

Does it comply with contract requirements?
Is the plan realistic?
Is it to be staffed adequately?
Are lines of communication and authority clear and effective?
Can you get agreement to review the plan's effectiveness on a routine basis?


Evaluating material testing processes and procedures

Do they comply with contract requirements?
Reasonable and realistic?
Is the project staffed adequately?
Are communication lines clear practical and effective?
Is contractor amenable to corrective actions?


Progress payments and quality

Retainage as a quality tool.
Format for authorizing extra work.
Partial payments.
Withholding payments.
Remind design professional that their certification on AIA702 is a "Quality Statement".


Dispute resolution

An important key to quality.
A real QA issue.
Various methods available.
Propose and agree upon the process early.
Established the mind-set about the desired and expected quality of the job.


Dispute resolution techniques

Dispute review board