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Quality CMAA definition

The degree to which the project and its components meet the owner's expectations, objectives, standards and intended purpose.


How is quality determined

By measuring conformity of the project to the plans, specifications and applicable standards.


If the owner's expectations change during construction, the CM must:

Be very, very close to the owner.
Be able and willing to evaluate owner-desired changes quickly and accurately.
Have agreement with the contractor that making such "quality" changes is a good thing.
Be able to process such changes effectively.


Describe the quality process

The process of planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, and documenting, a system of management practices that coordinate and direct relevant project resources and activities to achieve quality in efficient, reliable, and consistent manner.


Quality Control

The continuous review, certification, inspection, and testing of project components, including persons, systems, services, materials, documents, techniques, and workmanship to determine whether or not such components conform to plans, specifications, applicable standards, and project requirements.


Quality Assurance

The application of planned and systematic reviews that demonstrate that quality control practices are being effectively implemented.
The CM needs to:
-Review the contractor's QC practices and their compliance with them.
-Make sure they are doing what they said they would do.
-Evaluate quality of the work.
-Communicate effectively with owner.


Total Quality Management

A structured process for continuous improvement whereby long-range goals are established at the highest levels of an organization and the means to reach those goals are defined.