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When did Hurricane Katrina hit the USA and how intense was it?

29th August 2005
Category 3 on Saffir Simpson scale


How well did the USA track the hurricane?

Well, as they are developed
They had good forecasting and tracking services and monitored Katrina from its formation as a tropical depression on the 23rd August


What did the USA do in preparation?

New Orleans mayor ordered evacuation, some residents couldn't as they had no care
The Superdome was used to shelter people as it is on high ground. It held 20,000 people


How many people were evacuated?

80% were evacuated before the hurricane hit, the rest chose to stay at home


What happened to the city when the storm surge hit?

Levees and barriers were overwhelmed as they hadn't been upgraded or maintained, some areas were under water (9th ward) so deep people had to escape through roofs.
80% of the city was flooded


With regards to the preparation and response, what was the response of the people?

They criticised the local and national governments for not being fast or effective enough.


What happened in the Superdome as a result of the hurricane?

The number of people became overwhelming, there weren't enough supplies (water and food), as more people came after the hurricane hit. They were then trapped in.


Who are FEMA?

Federal Emergency Management Agency


How prepared were FEMA?

Very unprepared as they couldn't cope with the scale of destruction.


Where was worst affected by the hurricane?

The poorer cities because they had no cars and survivors feel betrayed by the government.


How many people died and what was the estimated damage worth?

1833 died, $108bn