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When Volcanos die what do they become?



On what Margin plate is New Zealand located?

Oceanic Plate


What was the magnitude of the New Zealand Earthquake?



On what scale was the magnitude of the Earthquake in New Zealand recorded?

Richter Scale


How does subduction occur in North New Zealand?

Subduction occurs as the Pacific place is diving down underneath the Australian plate


What is Liquefaction?

It is when the ground becomes soft and water forms, causing things on the land and the land to sink down


How did Transform Faults form in the South Island of New Zealand?

Due to strike-slip faults and two plates which slide past each other in opposite direction or different speeds causing foldings to form


What is it called when two plates past/slide against each other in opposite directions or the same direction but at different speeds

Conservative Plate Boundary


What did New Zealand do about their toilets after the Earthquake

5000 Chemical toilets where brought in


Where is Christ Church located?

New Zealand


Why did Christ Church collapse after the earthquake?

It was made out of old buildings so could not withstand the shock from the earthquake and its magnitude


What could countries do to prevent hazards from becoming disaster?

Have a disaster risk plan


Extra Question: Does money match experience in handling earthquakes?

Yes: You need money to carry out your what you plan to do to handle earthquakes

No: Experience is much more important as without experience you wouldn't know what to do with the money and will end up wasting money on things that won't help


Name 3 Primary Impacts of Earthquakes

1) People getting trapped from the collapse of buildings

2) Buildings Collapsing (Homes getting destroyed)

3) Disruption for transport or any water pipes for water supply

4) Disruption in businesses such as farms as their crops are destroyed or shops and they don't have a shop anymore


What has Subduction got to do with New Zealand?

Subduction occurs as the pacific plate is diving down underneath the Australian Plate. As it hits into the North Island, it forcefully gets pushed underneath.


Why did the Christ Church collapse?

It was one of the oldest churches in New Zealand and was not refurbished therefore it could not survive when the Earthquake arrived


What is the Richter Scale?

numerical scale for expressing the magnitude of an earthquake on the basis of seismograph oscillations

(Usually used for more destructive earthquakes)


What year what the Christ Church created?



When was the Christ Church Earthquake?



How do developed countries handle earthquakes?

They have:
- Rescue workers within 12hours
- have better medical care
- better built building structures
- More advanced equipment so they are about to pre detect earthquakes and call an evacuation if necessary