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When did Stromalites emerge again? What impact did they have?

3.3 mya - Cyanobacteria who used oxygenic photosynthesis


What benefits does oxygen in the atmosphere have?

Ozone layer - protection from UV radiation
Enables aerobic respiration


When did Rodinia split up?

750 mya - Late pre-Cambrian


What might more landmass in Northern latitudes have done to Earth's climate?

Caused glaciation - Snowball Earth hypothesis


Over what period did trilobites live?

542-252 mya
- >20,000 species in 5,000 genera


What are the principal animal taxonomic ranks?

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Kinky pals can offer friends great sex


What are Lagerstatten?

Deposits with many fossils with exceptional preservation
- Concentration Lagersatten - Quantity fossils
- Conservation Lagersatten - Quality fossils


Name two Cambrian Lagerstatten

Chengjiang, China
- Shale
- 525 mya - Early Cambrian
- Shallow sea
Burgess Shale, Canada
- Discovered by Charles Dolittle Walcott in 1901
- 505 mya - Late Cambrian
- Disturbed by turbidite flows


Tell me the story of Hallucigenia

Initially thought to be odd stilt walking thing
Now thought to be more slik-worm like


How long did the Cambrian explosion last?

80 myr