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Goal of this lab

1) to produce stationary transverse waves in a string
2) to calculate the speed of the wave in the string and the frequency of the wave motion


In a transverse wave, the motions of the particles conveying the waves are ______ to the direction of propagation of the wave its self



What is the principle of super position?

The displacement of any particle at a given time due to several waves is the SUM of the displacements that the individual waves alone would give it


Assumption of the string length we used?

that the length of string is an integer multiple of wavelength/2


Most significant source of error?

determination of the maximum amplitude (best segments) because it is subjective


What does the Tn^2 calculations suggest about the relationship between the tension and the number of segments in the string?

the values of Tn^2 ideally remain constant as the number of segments increase, and thus tension is and N^2 are proportional to each other. as N increases, tension most likely decreases in order for the values to stay constant.