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What law is explored in this lab?

Coulombs Law; force acting between two magnetic poles, of strengths m1 and m2, is PROPORTIONAL to the product of the pole strengths and INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the square of the distance between them.


In order to find the magnetic force according to coulombs law, what values are needed?

1) mu (permeability of free space)
2) m1 and m2, pole strengths
3) d, center to center pole separation.


magnetic force is ____ proportional to the distance between poles.

inversely proportional (1/d^2)


How did we measure pole strength in this lab?

by looking at the torques acting on the BALANCING magnet about an axis at the knife edge


Biggest source of error?

the helmhotlz coil was not centered
-OR the presence of other magnets close to the magnetic balance, which would interfere with apparatus and change results.


-OR m1 wasn't exactly where m2 was when calibrated



what is the shape of the notch position versus 1/d^2 graph?

linear. shows that magnetic force is inverse-expotnetial relationship to distance


Assumption of the pole strength of the magnets?

that the two magnets are equal