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Why will the river bank and flood plain in Saskatoon appear different from Beaver creek?

Because of the difference in glacial deposits in this area which create different land forms and soils. As well as human impacts on the local communities.


What is the lowest part of Saskatoon?



Ecosystem: define!

Is a defined region where members of the community interact with each other and their physical environment in the transfer of energy and nutrients. Scope of the ecosystem is defined by the observer.


Ecosystem ecologists define systems and their functions based on....

energy transfers and material cycling.


Organisms can be classified into 3 functional groups, which are?

1.) Autotrophs
2.) Heterotrophs
3.) Detritivores


Define Autotrophs:

Primary producers!
Organisms take energy from an external source (sunlight or inorganic molecules) and trap it in the chemical bonds of organic molecules they construct using inorganic materials.


Define Heterotrophs:

Primary consumers! Take energy from energy in the chemical bonds of organic molecules constructed by autotrophs or other heterotrophs (secondary consumers).


Define Detritivores:

Organisms in this group take energy and materials from the dead bodies and waste products of living organisms.


What technique did we use to count the plant cover?

Braum-Blanquet rapid cover estimation technique.


Define community:

Is all the populations in a defined region (eco-system)


Define population:

Is all the individuals of a species in a defined region.


Define Species:

Is a group of morphological similar organisms (usually in a defined region) that naturally interbreed and produce fertile offspring.


What 3 things do you need to have in order to be in a species?

1.) Morphological similar.
2.) Naturally interbreed
3.) Produce fertile offspring


Define Ecological Succession:

Is a process where a series of plant communities change there physical environment such that each can be replaced by the next. An example of this is raw material turning into soil


Define Pioneer Species:

First species to move in on new raw material. When they die the ground will be enriched by refractory molecules that act as bridges between mineral particles to hold water and nutrients.


What is the order of succession?

- Early succession
- Autogenic change: Physical change that results in soil.
- Mid successional community
- Late succesional community
- Climax community: self-sustaining.


Ecosystem Ecologist:

Defines system and their function based on energy transfers and material cycling.