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What consists of the orbital structures that produce tears and the ducts that drain the excess fluid from the front of the eyes into the nose?

The Lacrimal Apparatus


The moist coating, composed of 3 layers, that covers the anterior surface of the globe is

Tear Film


The gland that produces the watery substance making up the middle layer of the tear film is the

Lacrimal gland


The type of cell in the conjunctiva that produces the sticky fluid (mucin) that comprises the innermost tear film layer?

Goblet Cell


The tiny openings on the upper and lower lid margins, through which tears pass are the

Upper and Lower Punctum


One of two small channels that starts at the punctum in the upper or lower eyelid and drains tears from the surface of the eye to the lacrimal sac is

The Lacrimal Canaliculus


The sac that holds tears after they pass through the canaliculi, which empty through the nasolacrimal duct into the nasal cavity is the

Lacrimal Sac


The duct through which tears pass from the lacrimal sac and into the nasal cavity is the

nasolacrimal duct


Inflammation of the lacrimal sac which usually occurs due to obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct is called