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The first part of the eye's optical system is the clear, round membrane at the front of the globe called:

The Cornea


Behind the cornea lies the colored circle of tissue that controls the amount of light entering the eye by enlarging or reducing the size of its aperture, the pupil,
What is this called?

The Iris


Behind the iris lies the _______, part of the optical focusing system of the eye

The Lens/Crystalline Lens


The large space behind the lens is filled with a clear, jelly-like substance called the _______



The inner lining of the posterior segment of the eyeball consisting of a layer of light sensitive cells that convert images from the optical system into electric impulses sent along the optic nerve for transmission to the brain is called ________

The Retina


The nerve that carries electric impulses to the brain's visual cortex, where they are integrated to produce the sensation of sight is _________

The Optic Nerve