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What is a map?

A map is a graphic representation of a portion of the earths surface drawn to scale, as seen from above.


What are the map scales for small, medium and large maps?

Small- 1:1,000,000 and smaller
Medium- larger than 1:1,000,000 but smaller than 1:75,000
Large- 1:75,000 and larger


What is the map of choice for land navigators?

1:50,000 military topographic


What is a planimetric map?

Presents only the horizontal positions for the features presented.
Omits relief, no contour lines.
Sometimes called a line map.


What is a Topographic map?

Portrays terrain features Ina measurable way, as well as horizontal features.


What is a Photomap?

Reproduction of Ariel photo upon which mapping data has been added.


What is a Joint Operations Map?

Standard 1:250,000 medium scale topographic map with additional info added for joint air-ground operations.


What is a Photomosaic map?

Assembly of Ariel photos. Useful when time does not permit the compilation of a more accurate map.


What is a Terrain Model?

Scale model of the terrain showing features. Provides a means of visualizing the terrain for planning or indoctrination purposes and for briefing on assault landings.


What is a military city map?

1:12,550 to 1:5,000 map showing details of a city.


What are the most common substitute maps?

Foreign maps, atlases, geographic maps, tourist road maps, city/utility maps, field sketches and arial photographs.


Scale is reported as:

A representative fraction.
Map distances as the mum orator and ground distances as the denominator.


What agency provides maps for the armed forces?



What is a map sheet name?

Located in Bold print at the center of the top and in the lower left area of the map margin.
Generally named after the largest settlement in the map, or larger natural feture.


What is a map sheet number?

Found in bold print in both upper right and lower left areas of margin and in the center box of the adjoining sheet diagram, which is found in the lower right margin.
It is used as a reference number to link specific maps to overlays, operation orders and plans.


What is a map series name?

Found in bold print in the upper left corner of the margine.
The name given to the series is generally thy of a major political subdivision such as a US state.


Where is the map scale?

Found in the upper left after the series name an in the center of the lower margin.


What is a map series number?

Found in both upper right margin and the lower left margin.
Usually expressed as a four digit number or as a letter followed by three numbers.


What does the color Black indicate on a map?

Indicates cultural (man made) features such as buildings, roads, surveyed spot elevations, and all labels


What does the color Red-Brown indicate on a map?

Indicates cultural features, all relief features, non-surveyed spot elevation and elevations such as contour lines on red light readable maps


What does the color blue represent on a map?



What does the color Green represent on a map?

Identifies vegetation with military significance such as woods, orchards or vinardes.


What color does Brown represent on a map?

Relief features and elevation such as contours on older maps and cultivated lands on red light readable maps.


What does the color Red signify on a map?

Cultural features such as populated areas, main roads and boundaries on older maps.


What are lines north and south from the equator called?

Latitudinal lines


What are lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole called?

Longitudinal meridian lines


Where is the Prime Meridian?

Greenwich, England


What is the number one rule when're adding or reporting grid coordinates?

Always read to the RIGHT then UP


Grid coordinates can indicate location to the nearest:

10-, 100-, or 1,000- meter increments