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What are the eight main geographical characteristics.

Topography, Land Use, Climate, Population, Location, Geology, Soil, Hydrogoly


What is a landscape?

A landscape is a part of the Earth’s surface which consists of a variety of geographical features that are characteristic of an area


What is a landform?

A landform is a natural geographical feature or shape that appears in the Earth’s surface within a landscape


What are the different types of values that landforms and landscapes have?

Cultural, aesthetic, spiritual, competing and economic


What is a desert landscape?

An area of land that receives no more than 25 millimetres of rain per year, and covers about one third of the Earths surface


What is a tropical rainforest landscape?

Lush forests found along the equator, at least 1500 millimetres of rainfall per year


What is a coastal landscape?

Where a land mass meets the sea and is shaped by the natural forces of the wind and waves


What is a riverine landscape?

Formed by the natural movement of a water system, includes the ecosystems in and around the area of a river


What is a built landscape?

Created by humans, provide evidence of human settlement and occupation of environment


What is a karst landscape?

When easily dissolvable bedrock is worn away by slightly acidic water, from an underground source


What is a mountain landscape?

Formed by tectonic plates on the Earth’s surface pushing against each other