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List 3 landscape features created by tectonic activity.

Lava plateaus
Basalt columns
Volcanic plugs


What is a lava plateau?

A large upland flat area.


Name a lava plateau.

Antrim Plateau


What are basalt columns?

Tall and thin blocks of basalt.


Name a place where basalt columns are found.

The Giant's Causeway


What are volcanic plugs?

Hills which rise steeply from the surrounding land.


Name a volcanic plug.

Slemish Mountain


Explain the formation of a lava plateau. [3]

1. Runny lava erupted from cracks called fissures and flowed a long way before cooling down.
2. It spread out, filled in dips and created a flat surface.
3. Several eruptions happened over a long time period which formed multiple layers of basalt on top of one another.


Explain the formation of basalt columns. [4]

1. About 60 million years ago on the north coast of Ireland, lava was erupting from large fissures and covering the landscape.
2. Some of this lava filled a deep valley and cooled slowly and evenly.
3. As it cooled it contracted to create an even cracked pattern which formed into almost perfect hexagonal and pentagonal columns of basalt.
4. These were later exposed following coastal erosion.


Explain the formation of volcanic plugs.

1. These were made when magma in a volcano cooled down inside the vent and turned to rock called dolerite.
2. This rock is harder than the surrounding rock and is therefore left standing up when the other rock is eroded.


Case Study: Describe and explain the causes and impact of an earthquake in the British Isles (Market Rasen earthquake)