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Name the 3 types of plate margin.

1. Constructive
2. Destructive
3. Conservative


What happens at a constructive plate margin?

Plates move apart as a result of rising convection currents and new crust is formed.


Explain the process that occurs at a constructive plate margin.

As the plates move apart, magma rises from the mantle to fill the gap, forming new crust.


List 3 features formed at a constructive plate margin.

1. Earthquakes
2. Volcanoes
3. Mid-ocean ridges (mountain ranges under the ocean)


What happens at a destructive plate margin?

Plates come together as a result of sinking convection currents and crust is destroyed.


Explain the process that occurs at a destructive plate margin.

When the plates meet, the oceanic plate bends and goes down into the mantle beneath the other plate (Subduction).
This subduction triggers earthquakes as the plate bends.
Friction and the heat of the mantle melt the descending plate, forming magma.
This magma rises and forms volcanoes on the continental plate.


List 5 features found at a destructive plate margin.

Fold mountains
Ocean trenches
Subduction zones


What happens at a conservative plate margin?

Plates slide past each other and crust is neither created nor destroyed.


Explain the process that occurs at a conservative plate margin.

Two plates slide past each other along a fault line.
Friction causes them to stick and as a result, pressure builds up which is released in a sudden jerk called an earthquake.


List 2 features found at a conservative plate margin and 1 that does not form here.

Fault lines
(Volcanoes do not form here)


What is a collision zone?

The point where two continental plates moving towards each other meet.


Explain the process that occurs at a collision zone.

As one continental plate crashes into another, the crusts of both plates buckle and fold upwards.
This forms two sets of fold mountains which overthrust one another, forming a large range of high mountains.


What feature is formed at a collision zone?

Fold mountains