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Just greyhound racing.

The recent ban on greyhound racing in NSW, as well as its subsequent reversal, has sparked major media debate on numerous platforms.

NSW Premier Mike Baird announced what some would consider as a "rash" ban on the sport in July of 2016; however, he overturned this decision upon considering both its direct and indirect effects on greyhounds as well as various other members of the sport.


Just gambling.

The prominence of gambling within Australian society today continues to cause major concern and discontent in the eyes of numerous spectators.

Since the steady rise in the number of gambling advertisements showed during sports programs in 2008; the simplicity with an individual can bet on a match has become unprecedented.


Gambling and greyhound racing.

The inter-related issues of greyhound racing and gambling have caused major media debate on numerous platforms in the past year.

NSW Premier Mike Baird's decision to ban the greyhound racing industry, and subsequently overturn this decision, prompted spectators to become divided in response to the government's actions. Similarly, the constant media coverage of the gambling and betting industry caused the motivations of betting agencies to come into question. The direct relationship between gambling and greyhound racing is highlighted by the massive losses suffered by punters in recent times. Although Baird resigned as Premier in early 2017; the debate still rages on as to whether or not greyhound racing is wanted in Australia, and whether it's ties to gambling will continue to diminish the reputations of both industries.