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Some common laptop resolutions

WXGA: 1280x800
HD: 1366x768
WSXGA+: 1680x1050
HD: 1680x945


Display failures in laptops are:

Damaged inverter
Damaged LCD screen
Worn out backlight


Never handle the inverter if the laptop is on.

Be sure to turn off and unplug the laptop and remove the battery before removing an inverter.


What should you do if a fan makes a high-pitched noise on a laptop?

Try blowing compressed air through the fan slots and out of the laptop.


There are a few things you can check if it appears the laptop is not getting any power:

Check the power LED.
Check connections.
Make sure the user uses the right power adapter.
Check the battery and voltage.
Check whether standby or hibernate mode has failed.
Reconnect the power button.
Check the AC outlet.


What is the most common battery type for laptops?

Lithium Ion (Li-ion)


How do you modify battery alarms in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7?

Windows XP: Start > Control Panel, Power Options icon, Alarms tab.
Windows 7/Vista: Control Panel, Power Options applet


What are the two form factors of ExpressCard?

/34 mm wide and /54 mm wide


How many pins are in the connector for PC Cards and CardBus cards?

68 pins


How many pins are in the connector for ExpressCards?

26 pins


If the laptop can't connect to the wireless network:

Try pressing the WLAN button near the power button


What are the various ways that a laptop can communicate with other computers?

Wired and wireless ethernet, Bluetooth, IrDA, cellular WAN, and dial-up modems.


What kind of ports can typically be found on a laptop?

A. RJ45
C. IEEE 1284

A, B, and D.


What kind of video technology do most laptops incorporate currently?

A. TFT active matrix
B. Passive matrix
D. TFT passive matrix

A. TFT Active Matrix


What is a common resolution on today's laptops?

A. 640x480
B. 800x600
C. 1280x800
D. 2048x1536

C. 1280x800


If a user wanted to stretch their desktop across two monitors on a laptop, what Windows technology would they look for?

A. Multiple monitor
B. Video replication
C. SideCar
D. DualView

D. DualView


Where would a user go to modify the battery alarms in Windows?

A. Display Porperties window
B. Power Properties window
D. Power Options window

D. Power Options window


Which of the following has he fastest data transfer rate?

A. CardBus
B. ExpressCard PCIe
C. PC Card
D. ExpressCard USB

B. ExpressCard PCIe


Which of the following are ways that a laptop can communicate with other computers (Select all that apply)

A. Bluetooth
C. Ultraviolet
D. Cellular WAN

A, B, and D.


When a user types, pull-up top screen displays letters and numbers instead of only letters. What should you check first?

A. Fn key
B. LCD cutoff switch
C. Num Lk key
D. Scroll Lock key

C. Num Lk key


Which of the following are possible reasons that a laptop's keyboard might fail completely? (Select the two best answers)

A. A stuck key
B. A disconnected ribbon cable.
C. The user spilled coffee on the laptop.
D. The keyboard was disabled in the Device Manager.

B and C.


What are two possible reasons why a laptop's display suddenly went blank?

A. Damaged inverter
B. Damaged LCD
C. Burned out backlight
D. Incorrect resolution setting

A and C.


A user doesn't see anything on his laptop's screen. He tries to use AC power and thinks that the laptop is not receiving any. What are two possible reasons for this?

A. Incorrect AC adapter
B. The AC adapter is not connected to the laptop.
C. Windows won't boot.
D. The battery is dead.

A and B.


One of your customers reports that she walked away from her laptop for 30 minutes. When she returned, the display was very dim. The user increased the brightness setting and moved the mouse but to no effect. What should you do first?

A. Replace the LCD screen.
B. Check the operating system for corruption.
C. Connect an external monitor to verify that the video card works.
D. Check if the laptop is now on battery power.

D. Check if the laptop is now on battery power.


What is memory called that is used in laptops?



The different types of SO-DIMMs are:

SDRAM: 144 pin
DDR: 200 pin
DDR2: 200 pin
DDR3: 204 pin


Where is RAM located on a laptop?

The bottom of the laptop underneath an access cover.
Or underneath the keyboard.


What is the pinout for a stick of a SO–DIMM DDR RAM?

A. 200
B. 168
C. 144
D. 204

A . 200


How many pins are in a laptop's PATA hard drive?

A. 40
B. 200
C. 68
D. 44

D. 44


How are SO-DIMMs installed to a laptop?

A. By pressing straight down.
B. Into a ZIF socket.
C. On a 45-degree angle.
D. On a 90-degree angle.

C. On a 45-degree angle.


What should you do when upgrading a CPU in a laptop? (Select all that apply.)

A. Check documentation to see if the CPU is supported.
B. Install more RAM.
C. Employ antistatic measures.
D. Remove the system board.

A and C.


You need to replace the CMOS battery in a laptop. Which of the following is a common location for the battery?

A. Under the DVD-ROM
B. Behind the laptop battery
C. Under the keyboard
D. Behind the hard drive

C. Under the keyboard


You just added a second memory module to a laptop. However, after rebooting the system the OS reports the same amount of memory as before. What should you do next?

A. Replace both memory modules.
B. Run Windows Update.
C. Replace the motherboard.
D. Reseat the laptop memory.

D. Reseat the laptop memory.


You are required to add a second memory module to a laptop. You open the hatch on the bottom of the laptop only to find a single memory module installed to the only slot. Where should you look for a second memory module slot?

A. Behind the removable hard drive
B. Underneath the keyboard
C. Under the battery
D. Behind the DVD-ROM drive

B. Underneath the keyboard