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The practical nurse is reinforcing teaching for a patient who has chronic kidney disease and is on dialysis. Which patient statement indicates the need for further teaching?

As long as I don't eat protein I'll be ok


The nurse is providing care for a patient who has guillian barre syndrome. Which of the following laboratory results should the nurse evaluate first.

Arterial blood gas


The practical nurse is reinforcing teaching for a patient who has been diagnosed with RA. Which of these symptoms indicates to the nurse correct understanding of symptoms of RA?



A patient diagnosed with hunting tons disease has developed severe depression. What would be most important of the nurse to assess for?

Suicidal ideations


A patient is recently diagnosed with crowns disease and is beginning treatment. What first line treatment does the nurse expect that the patient will be placed on to decrease the inflammatory response?

Azathioprine or imuran


A patient is receiving treatment for RA but states that he allergic to eggs. What medication would the client. To be able to receive?



A patient with chronic pain is on a sustained release opioid that is ordered every 12 hours. After 6 hours the patient complains of increasing pain. Which of the following interventions by the nurse is most appropriate?

Request an order for a medication order for breakthrough pain relief.


A patient with fa has infiltration of the lacrimal and salivary glands with lymphocytes as a result of the disease. The nurse understands this clinical manifestation is consistent with?

Sicca syndrome


A patient scheduled to have an oleo story asks the nurse. Will I have to wear a bag on my abdomen after my ileostomy? What is the most appropriate response by the nurse?

Your stool will be liquid so you will need a bag


The nurse is caring for a patient with terminal cancer pain. His family is very supportive.

Teach the family how to help provide for the patients basic needs


The Lon is making rounds on the unit. Which patient should the nurse assess first?

The patient who is 1 day post of abdominal surgery with a hard rigid abdomen.


The nurse is caring for a patient who has amottrophic lateral sclerosis. The patient has difficulty swalling and has copious pulmonary secretions. What equipment is most important to have at the bedside at all times?



You are the nurse caring for a patient with GBS. The patient also has an ascending paralysis. Knowing the potential complications of the disorder, what should you ensure is ready at the bedside if needed?

Intubation a tray and suction apparatus


The nurse is assisting with admission of a patient with GBS to a medical unit. The patients legs are weak, making it impossible to walk without assistance. The patient says how did I get this I am not usually sick. Which response by the nurse is most accurate

It is believed to be an autoimmune reaction to a virus


The nurse is preparing a patient with RA for a surgical procedure that will allow visualization of the extent of joint damage of the knee and also obtain a sample of synovial fluid. What procedure will the nurse prepare the client for?



Which of the following are benefits that support the use of a closed method wound care in the management of a patient burns select all that apply

Creates antimicrobial barrier
Discourage hypertrophic scarring


Which assessment finding is most important in determining nursing care for a patient with acute glomerulonephritis

Dark smoky urine


The nurse is caring for a patient with RA who suffers with chronic pain in the hands. When would be the best time for the nurse to perform range of motion exercises?

After the patient has had a warm paraffin hand bath


A patient with Crohn's disease informs the nurse that he is allergic to aspirin. What medication ordered for the treatment of Crohn's does the nurse know is contraindicated when a patient is allergic to asipirin.



A patient has had several diagnostic tests to determine if he has SLE. What result is a very specific indicator of this diagnosis.

Positive Ana


During data collection on a postoperative patient which finding are indicative of sepsis

Mental confusion


A 30 year old was diagnosed with ALS. Which statement by the patient would indicate a need for more teaching from the nurse

My children are at greater risk to develop this disease


A patient comes in the ER pith signs and symptoms of smoke inhalation, which of the following signs And symptoms indicate smoke inhalation

Soren throat


A client with renal calculi is advised to restrict calcium in the diet. The nurse determines that the client understands the restriction when the client states to avoid which types of foods

Chocolate, smoked fish, and low fat milk


The hrs is caring for a patient who has a nephronstomy tube. What action should the nurse take to ensure adequate urinary drainage?

Ensure tube is not kinked or clamped


The patient recently diagnosed with GBS is drooling and having difficulty swallowing secretions. When the family asks why this occurs, the nurse indicates that which of the following is the cause

Demyelination of cranial nerves responsible for swallowing and gag reflex


A burn victim comes into the emergency department and it is determined that he has a full thickness burns on the body. What characteristics of the burn would indicate that this is a full thickness burn



The nurse is completing an assessment on a patient with myasthenia gravis. Which of the following historical assessment findings provides the most significant evidence regarding when the disorder began

Drooping eyelids


Which is the initial intervention in the care of. Client with burns exceeding 20% of total body surface area

Fluid resuscitation


A patient is experiencing symptoms that are suspected to be related to SLE. What cutaneous symptom occurs in about 50% of clients affected by the diasese

Butterfly shaped rash on the face over the bridge of the nose and cheeks


The patient with glomerulonephritis is exhibiting gross peri orbital edema. Which is the best nursing intervention to relieve this symptoms

Monitor intake and output


A patient has a blockage of the passage of bile from a stone in the common bile duct. What type of jaundice does the nurse suspect this client to have

Obstructive jaundice


The LPN is assisting with discharging a patient with MG after hospitalization for severe respiratory distress. Which statement by the patient indicates the nurses teaching was effective

I have to take my neostigmine exactly as prescribed without skipping a dose


The nurse is at the scene of a fire caring for a patient with a thermal burn on the face, chest, and abdomen. What action should receive first priority

Ensure an open airway


A patient who is on hemodialysis for ckd is given a phosphate binder serve lamer hydrochloride with meals. What explanation should be provided to the patient as the primary reason the medication is being given

To prevent damage to bones from low calcium levels and high phosphorus levels


The nurse is caring for a patient with burns covering the entire surface of both arms and the anterior trunk. What percentage of the patients body is affected



Dissolve gallstones



A patient is admitted to the emergency department with chemical burns to the chest and abdomen, he RN immediately begins lavaging the area with sterile saline. What should the LPN anticipate their role to be in this procedure

Remove the patients clothing


An explosion of a fuel tanker has resulted in melting of clothing

The client has experienced extensive full thickness burns


When performing a physical examination on a patient with cirrhosis, a nurse notices that the patients abdomen is enlarged. Which of the following interventions should the nurse consider?

Measure abdominal girth according to a set protocol


A 91 year old nursing home resident has been receiving hydro morphing injections for right shoulder pain. During the morning assessment the nurse finds the resident irritable and jumpy. Which of the following nursing actions and rationales is most appropriate

Notify the RN or physician because the resident may be experiencing adverse effects of Delilah


The nurse is caring for a patient in the initial phase of treatment for a partial thick skin burn

Blood pressure of 140/56


Which of the following possible side effects should the nurse discuss with a patient prescribed a corticosteroid for lupus select all that apply

Facial hair
Moon face
Mood changes
Increased weight


The nurse is assisting with teaching a patient who is beginning therapy with neostigmine for newly diagnosed with MG. the patient asks how does this work. What is the best response

It makes more neurotransmitter available so that your muscles can contract


When assisting a patient with cirrhosis of the liver which of the following stool characteristics is the patient likely to report

Clay colored or whitish


What distinctive symptom do patients with huningtons disease manifest select all that apply

Severe irritability
Cognitive changes
Inability to tolerate frustrations
Ability to remember words and stories


What action should the nurse take before entering the room of a patient with to

Wear a fitted high efficiency particulate air respirator


The nurse would suspect to observe which of the following when assessing a patient with cholelithiasis

Urine that appears dark brown


The nurse is administering medications to a patient that has elevated Adonis due to cirrhosis of the liver. What medication may be ordered to detox ammonium and to act as an osmotic agent



The nurse is caring for a patient who has an exacerbation of chrons disease. Which nursing action is most important to recommend for inclusion in the patient plan of care

Encourage oral fluids


The nurse is caring for a patient who sustained a partial thickness burn to the face. Which of the following assessment findings would the nurse expect select all that apply

Blanching when touched
Bright red color


The nurse is caring for a patient who had renal calculi. Which of these actions is essential for the nurse to take

Strain all urine


An LPN is working with three patients. One patient is receiving it oush morphine for left shoulder pain rated at a 7.

The administration of it Morphine for the client with pain


A patient with terminal cancer describes a pain rating of 7 on a 0-10 scale

The patient has adapted to chronic pain and may not appear to be in pain


A patient with cirrhosis of the liver is complaining of itching why

By the accumulation of bile salts


A 42 year old patient who was adopted at birth is diagnosed with HD.

Availability of genetic testing to determine the risk for the patients children to develop HD


What is the best way for the nurse to know if the pain medication worked

The patient states that pain is relieved


The nurse is preparing a patient with MG to undergo plasmapheresis

Complete blood counts platelets, and clotting


One major antimicrobial used in the treatment of burns is silver ointment

Cleanse skin prior to application


When the burns are irregular shaped and scattered all over what method is used

Lund and browser burns assessment


A patient comes to the clinic and informs the nurse that he is there to see the doctor for right Upper abdominal discomfort, nausea, and frequent bleaching

Biliary colic


The LPN has reinforced teaching who has RA



The patient diagnosed with active TB tells the public health nurse

You just take your TB meds or repeat


36 burn replacement

Increase the amount of if fluid administered per hour


The nurse is caring for four patients with diarrhea

A 24 year old female Caucasian Jewish female


The LPN is contributing to the teaching plan

Distribute fat intake in small portions throughout the day to prevent excessive fat in the intestine at any one time


The nurse is caring for a patient 3 days following a partial thickness burn

Blood pressure is 128/66


The nurse is caring for a patient hospitalized with a severe exacerbation of MG

Administer medication at exact intervals ordered


The nurse should administer how many tablets



The LPN is caring for a patient who is diagnosed with acute renal failure.

Increased bp
Weight gain


A patient with chronic glomerulonephritis has generalized edema

Increased intake of sodium in the diet results in anasarca


New order for fentanyl

The patch may take awhile to work


Patient admitted for full thickness burns to 75 percent of body



A patient has been fatigued for the past 2 months

The patient is temporarily improved


The LPN taking care of a patient with bph

Alpha adrenergic blocker


The nurse is caring for a patient with cirrhosis of the liver. What symptoms exhibited by the patient would indicate experiencing cns

Sulfurous breath odor
Positive Babinski reflex


Skin substitutes are often used for the wound and debrided

Diminishes pain
Lessen potential for infection


Which of these dats collection techniques is the best determinant if a patients fluid volume status that must be completed daily.

Daily weight


The nurse should implement which of the following interventions to prevent infection for a patient with burn

Apply antimicrobial as prescribed by Doctor
Restrict the number of visitors
Use correct personal protective equipment
Restrict live flowers and plants


The nurse is admitting a patient to their room at then hospital and observes that the patient skin and sclera are jaundice

3.0 mg