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achieved his aims

established dynasty, defeated key rivals, strengthened government, put finance on a sound footing and reduced his independence on nobility


aims overall

England and wales were better governed, more prosperous and more peaceful than at any time in the last 50 years



Arthur died, making Henry Duke of York heir apparent


the chain for four deaths

in three years, changed Henry irrevocably

-the death of two sons left the Tudor dynasty dependent on Henry


the renewed danger

was highlighted by the departure of Edmund de la Pole to take refuge in Burgundy 1503


Henry made some

halfhearted plans to remarry, he even considered marrying Catherine of Aragon, but these came to nothing


Henry spent his final years

using his powers to make sure that the nobility could not threaten his heir. He treated the nobles more harshly, through the council learned in the Law and the Star Chamber - in 1509 Dudley confessed that in 84 cases money had been extracted illegally, so resentment grew from the nobility