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When was the Paris peace convention?



How many states signed the Paris peace convention and how many articles did they sign?

38 states signed 43 articles


What does ICAN stand for?

International Committee for Air Navigation


When was the Chicago Convention and how many states signed?

1944. 52 states signed.


What were the supplementary agreements?

International Air Services Transit Agreement.

International Air Transport Agreement.


What are the 5 freedoms?

1. A/C can overfly other contracting states without landing
2. Privilege to land for non-commercial reasons.

3. Put down mail,cargo & pax taken on in territory of a/c reg.
4. Pick up cargo, mail & pax bound for territory of a/c reg.
5. Take on cargo, mail & pax destined for territory of any other contracting state and put down in any other contracting state.


What is cabotage?

A state has the right to refuse permission to the a/c of another contracting state to take on territories cargo, mail & pax destined for another point within its territory (domestic flights).

Each state will not enter into arrangements for this privilege on an exclusive basis with any other state or airline of another state and will not obtain with privilege from any other state.


When was ICAO formed?

Where is it’s HQ?

How many regional offices does it have?

4th April 1947

Montreal Canada

7 regional offices.


What are ICAO’s aims?

Safe and orderly growth of international civil aviation.

A/C design for peaceful purposes.

Promote flight safety.

Avoid discrimination between states.


How is ICAO structured? (Including how many)

The Assembly - overall responsibility. Members all contracting states.

The Council - 36 member from contracting states. Elected by the Assembly.

6 Committees - appointed by and responsible to the council.


What are the 6 committees?

1. Air Navigation Commission
2. Air Transport Committee
3. Legal Committee
4. Finance Committee
5. Committee on Unlawful Interference
6. Committee of Joint Support of Navigation Services


Who is ANC and what do they do?

Air Navigation Commission.

They write SARPs which cover all technical and operational aspects.


How many divisions in ANC?

Name them.

11 Divisions

1. AGA - Aerodrome, Ground Aids, Air Routes
2. AIG - Accident Investigation
3. AIS - Aeronautical Info Service
4. COM - Aeronautical Communications
5. MAP - Aeronautical Charts
6. MET - Meteorology
7. OPS - Operations of Aircraft
8. SAR - Search and Rescue
9. PEL - Personnel Licensing
10. AIR - Airworthiness
11. RAC - Rules of the Air and ATC


What are SARPs and where are they written?

Standard and Recommended Practices.

Written into the ICAO Annexes.


What is a Standard Practice?

The uniform application of a specification which is agreed is necessary for safety.

Differences are logged with ICAO.


Where are differences published?

Where are the differences logged?

Published in supplements to Annexes and In AIP

Logged with ICAO.


Why are recommended practices different from standard practices?

They are only seen as desirable. Do not need to comply and differences are not logged.


If a SARP is complex it is constructed in 2 sections. What are these and where are they published?

1. Core - Fundamental regulation published in Annexes.

2. Detailed Tech Specs - published in Appendices to Annex or in Manuals.


How many Annexes are there?

Which ones concern ATC the most?

There are 19 Annexes.

Annex 1 - Personnel Licensing

Annex 2 - Rules of the Air

Annex 11 - Air Traffic Services.