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What does AIS stand for?

What does AIS do?

Aeronautical Information Service

They collect, collate, edit and disseminate Aeronautical information.


When would is a NOTAM issued?

When information is temporary and short
Permanent/long term changes at short notice.


What do the NOTAM office do and how do they distribute NOTAMs?

Prepare and issue civil and military NOTAMs and issue via AFTN.

Enable the production of PIBs.


What are the 3 different NOTAM types?

NOTAMN - new

NOTAMC - cancel

NOTAMR - replace


How many series of NOTAM are there and what are they?

5 series
A - E


What is the AIP and what does it include?

Aeronautical Information Publication

Includes SARPs put into national procedures.


What are notified documents?

The AIP and NOTAMs


What is AIRAC?

How many days in advance is it distributed?

How many days before the affective day should it be received?

How far in advance should major changes be publicised?

How often is it published?

Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control.

Distributed at least 42 days in advance.

Should be received 28 days before effective date.

Major changes need 56 days in advance of effective date.

Published every 28 days.


What 4 things do changes to the AIRAC require?

1. Change to local systems
2. Verification and correction
3. Validation
4. Re-distribution


What Annex relates to AIS?

Annex 15


What is a PIB?

Pre-flight Information Bulletin.

Info covers first leg of a journey.

Plain language NOTAM.


What does AFTN stand for?

Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network.


What is an AIC?

What different colours are used and what do they mean?

Aeronautical Information Circulars

Yellow - operational matters including ATS facilities

White - Administration

Pink - Safety related topics

Mauve - UK airspace restrictions

Green - Maps and Charts