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Definition of law

The collection of rules imposed by authority


Definition of judiciary

The judiciary makes judgements about the law


Definition of adversary system

Another name for rival or opponent / it means who parties fighting it out


Definition of public law

Laws that affect the society as a whole


Definition of private law

Laws about disputes between two people


Who is Lady Justice?

Lady justice is a famous legal symbol and she is found in many courthouses, law schools and other institutions where legal matters are relevant.


What do Lady Justice's scales represent?

Lady Justice holds some scales in her left hand. These represent weighing of evidence. They represent considering evidence from both sides and making fair, even judgement.


What does Lady Justice's sword represent?

Lady Justice holds a sword in her right hand. This represents power, protection and authority. It symbolises the need for true punishment.


Why is Lady Justice blindfolded?

Lady Justice isn't always blindfolded but when she is it represents fairness. It symbolises that justice shouldn't be affected by emotions and that justice should only be decided using facts and evidence.


What are the three kinds of public law?

Administrative law deals with actions of government, Constitutional law deals with law making powers of parliament, Criminal law deals with situations where someone or some people's actions had an impact on the society or on other individuals


What are the two kinds of private law?

Mercantile or trading law deals with business, dealing and trade contacts, Ecclesiastical or church law deals with laws that originally come from churches such as marriage