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What is a Treaty?

International Agreement governed by International law where two or more states agree to certain obligations within the realms of international law


Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969

Governs the way Treaties are formed, it generally reflects customary law. There must be an intention to be bound which can often be found within the treaty itself


Article 3

Only applies to written treaties


Article 7

Authority of conclude, must have full powers in order to conclude which may mean that there is a need for documents proving that you can conclude a treaty. Heads of Government, foreign ministers (Eastern Greenland), heads of diplomatic missions and international organisations have full powers anyway. Potentially made to be a signatory anyway if comply


Art 34

Can't bind third parties


Art 26

Pacta Sunt Servanda


Art 46

Can't rely on national law to get away with none compliance only if it is a manifest infringement of national law (Qatar and Bahrain)