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Name the 3 learning theories

-operant conditioning
-cognitive theory of learning
-social/observational learning


EQ. Using practical examples from sport, explain how operant conditioning affects the learning of motor skills (4 marks)

-the performer learns to associate the correct response with a stimuli e.g a badminton player learns to hit the shuttlecock when it is high in the air
-positive reinforcement is used to reinforce the correct behaviour e.g praising the player when they perform a successful smash shot
-this strengthens the S-R bond e.g a player is more likely to hit the smash shot when it is high
-negative reinforcemnt can also be used to strengthen the S-R bond e.g a coach stops shouting when they hit the smash shot correctly and at the right height


EQ. Using a sporting example, describe how a coach would teach a performer according to the cognitive theory of learning. (2 marks)

-teach the performer to draw from their past experiences e.g a badminton player remembers from past experiences to use a overhead clear to return a deep serve
-coach to use whole practice e.g practicing an overhead clear in one go


EQ. Some performers learn a new skill by following the cognitive theory of learning. Analyse how following this approach may affect their learning. (4 marks)

-develops the kinaesthetic feel
-the performer will be able to adapt to different situations
-performer may lose motivation
-may have no past experiences to draw from