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Giotto breaks with the Byzantine conventions of Cimabue & Duccio by...?

... by rendering figures with a greater concern for naturalism.


What was Giotto influenced by?

The gothic sculpture of Giovanni Pisano and the use of shading by Roman painter Cavallini.


What is scale used to denote in Giotto's "Madonna Enthroned"?

The Theological/symbolic importance of figures.


How are Mary and the Baby Jesus depicted as important in Giotto's "Madonna Enthroned"?

By showing them larger and more central than the other figures.


What are three gothic conventions in Giotto's "Madonna Enthroned"?

The hierarchical scaling of figures, gold backdrop, and pointed arch throne.


How does Giotto construct space in his "Madonna Enthroned"?

By overlapping figures and
by drawing observed receding lines.


What proto-renaissance concept does it seem Giotto utilized to produce the naturalism of "Madonna Enthroned"?

Rendering from observation, esp. through use of a model.


In what way does Giotto create the illusion of 3D space?

By rendering figures and objects within a coherent setting.


What is a figurative convention that Giotto breaks, which can be seen in Cimabue & Duccio's work?

The representation of the face.