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What institution with its desire for symbolism was extremely influential in late gothic art?

The Christian Church.


What elements where characteristic in Late Gothic architecture?

Buildings with a strong vertical emphasis that used pointed arches, rib vaulting, flying buttresses resulting from striving for "height and light".


What is involved in the "Flamboyant" late-gothic architectural style?

Elaborate flame-like tracery that is sinuous, complicated and highly decorative.


In late gothic sculpture, what did the "courtly style" impose on figures?

An artificial S-curve.


What was the dominant style in late gothic painting?

The Italo-Byzantine style AKA maniera greca


What is characteristic of figural rendering in late gothic painting?

Tall, austere, aloof figures.


In late gothic painting, what is characteristic in the representation of space?

A shallow stage space (foreground mainly/middle-ground slightly) with linear flatness in rendering forms.


What are the characteristics of composition in late gothic painting?

Strict, formal (occasionally hierarchical) compositions with stylized symbols for towns and stage scenery representations of landscape elements.