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quote in genesis 2:15 about Man's role in eden

God took the Man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it


quote in genesis 2:5 about tilling

there was not a man to till the ground


quote from genesis 1:28 about man's duty on earth/ eden

replensih the earth, and subdue it


what was Andrew Willet's view in Hexapla in Genesin regarding the nature of work/ labour

-man should not have toiled/ wearied himself with any labour in paradise as this was his punishment
-having said that, he should do SOME labour
-this labour can be recreational
-the purpose of this labour was to acknowledge the beuaty of God's creation


quote about the role of the reader in Paradise lost

'A reader of milton must be always upon duty, he is surrounded with sense, it rises in every line, every word is to the purpose; there are no lazy intervals


cicero quote about labour

all other nations can bear slavery, our state alone cannot... they shun labour and pain to be free


how did the rabbinical school of thought justify Eden?

Work was one aspect of Adam and Eves obedience to God, it was a manifestation of
respect and gratitude for Eden


how did the patristic school of thought justify Eden?

Tendency to allegorise work- the purpose of work is for Adam and Eve to contemplate
the garden and the beauty of God’s creation


what was milton's view on the rabbinical/ patristic tradition?

-troubled by the gaps
- uses his subjet choice to dramatise the gaps
- dismantles the binary of toil vs labour


Which other work of Milton can be used to address this theme

On his blindness- a sonnet about Milton's anxieties about being able to do his duty to god (his poetic work), even after he turned blind