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Asking the client what they like, Asking caregivers what people like, conduct naturalistic observations and systematic preference assessments

Common methods for identifying potential reinforcers


Have several items and present each item by itself for a limited amount of time and note whether the person approaches the item

Single presentation preference assessment


Present two items at once for a limited amount of time, record which item is chosen out of the pair

Paired/forced choice assessment


Present items in a line, allow a limited amount of time for the person to choose ONE.

Multiple presentation preference assessment


After an item has been selected it is placed back into the line

Multiple presentaion with replacement


The item is no longer available after it has been chosen once

Multtiple presentation without replacement


Giving a client free access to a range of potential preffered stimuli during the assessment session

Free operant assessment


Assessing reinforcing value of stimuli

Concurrent schedules of reinforcement and progressive ratio


Arrange two distinct responses- either arbitary or functional, each response results in access to a different stimulus- Record choice of response for each trial

Concurrent schedules


Gradually increasing the nu,ber of responses required for reinforcement

progressive ratio