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Whats different about diabetes in india?

you don't have to be fat to get it - big drain on the economy


What are some of the causes/triggers of metabolic syndrome?

Genetics, epigenetics

external food supply and its availablilty (processed food diet)

Behaviour - choices, not much money - big Mac meals

Psycho-social: countries with biggest gap in waeth have the largest levels of metabolic syndromes. Obese people seem as "deficient", especiialy in childhood

Complexity of the condition and its associated morbidities that have to be treated, alleviates


What are the traditional management options open to public health?

Education and incentives - change populations knowledge base

Regulation of the food found to be dangerous to health

Consuder behaviour modification - taxing alcohol for instance

Regulation of advertising

Economic policy to reduce price of frest food at the expense of fast good


What is the results of health promotion broadly?

Necessary but over time has shwon limited effectiveness in making a significant and sustainable difference

colac trial - interventions still results in experimental and control group both had obesity increases

alone this education won't solve the problem


the 1905 victorian pure foods act + regulation of hotels is an example of ...

Regulation of food for quality and safety


What are some ways to reguluate fast food?

ban trans-fats as a toxic substance - forcing replacement with unsaturated oils

legislate for a staged reduction in the use of HFCS as a sweetener and as a preservating - stops supermarkets stocking shelves with long life produce


What are the problems with food regulation?

millions of people depend on food manufacturing and retailing for their livlihoods


Do tax rises on products work to modify behaviour?

shown to work with alcohol - alcopops


In Australia concerted action is needed from governments in four broad areas, what are they?

provide leadership to set the agenda and show the way

Advocate for a multi-sector response and establish the mechanisms for all sectors to engage and enhance action

develop and implement policies to create healthier food and activity environments

secure increased and continued funding of reduce obesogenic environments and promote healthy eatingand physical activity


What is being asked for by rural Australia?

Withdraw from "Free trade agreements" that permit importing into Australia of fresh food (e.g oranges from California)

Follow example of USA, EU and subsidise food producing agriculture to make farming viable, save rural economies and bring price of fresh food down in shops

Fund subsidisation of agriculture by taxes on tobacco, alcohol, fast food chains, dangerous preservatives

Invest in high-tech solutions/relocation to survive climate change effects and summer heat