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What is the definition of innovation? (Carrillo-Hermosilla)

Technological and social change consisting of the invention of an idea for change and its practical application


What is the definition of innovation? (Innovation Unit UK))

Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas


What is the difference between invention and innovation?

- Creation of something new with practical application
- Some but not all are patented
- Not all inventions are commercialized

- The deduction and commercialization of novelties
- Includes products, process and organizational changes


What are three results of innovation?

Innovation is driven by the ability to see connections, to spot opportunities and to take advantage of them
- Completely new opportunities
- New markets can be created
- New ways of serving


What is creative destruction?

Constant search to create something new which simultaneously destroys the old rules and establishes new ones


What are sustainability oriented innovations?

Realized ideas that improve environmental and social performance while simultaneously considering commercial viability
- implies directionality
- avoids confusion


What is the difference between normal and sustainable?

Sustainability is a gratis side effect, environmentally beneficial normal innovations


Conventional Innovation vs SOI

- Max retur vs max social impact
- customer desire vs social problem
- avoid imitation vs open access for replication


What are the three levels of product development?

- Product improvement
- Function innovation
- System innovation


Three parts to conceptualizing SOI

1. Novelty: incremental vs radical
2. Type: Product, Process, Position, Paradigm
3. Scope of change


Why is radical innovation important?

Incremental innovations only minimize negative sustainability effects without addressing the root causes


What is operational optimization?

optimized performance through increased efficiency
- techno fix


What is organizational transformation?

the creation of disruptive new products and services


What is systems building?

The collaboration between organizations to create positive impact on people and planet


What are the 5 stages of innovation?

1. Viewing compliance as opportunity
2. Making value chains sustainable
3. Designing sustainable products and services
4. Developing new business models
5. Creating next practice platforms


What are the passive factors against ideation?

Techno-instituiotnal lock in
- using old solutions due to habit
- investment decisions linked to earlier decisions
- absence of driving forces


What are product development challenges?

1. added complexity
2. higher ambiguity
May lead to products with inferior performance


What is the double market failure?

1. Technological change externality
2. Environmental externality


What are success factors for SOI?

1. Market law and legislation knowledge
2. Inter-functional collaboration
3. Innovation-oriented learning
4. R&D investments