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At physiologic pH (7.4), what is the charge on the side chain of Glu? Of Arg?

Negative; positive


In a soluble protein, would Leu would most likely be located on the inside or the outside of the folded protein? What if it were a membrane protein?

Inside; in the portion of the protein spanning the membrane


Make sure you can identify an alpha helix and a beta sheet in a diagram.



In the collagen alpha chain (see lecture powerpoint), what amino acid repeats every third position? Why is it special? (from Flashcards)

Gly; fits into the small space because it only has H for a sidechain


What can a Western blot tell you about a protein?

If it is present in the sample, approximate size (M.W.), whether there are multiple modified forms (sometimes). It does not say anything about protein structure or activity.