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What are the two broad strategies for coping with climate change?

Adaptation and mitigation


What is sustainability?

The ability to sustain a certain process or state at certain rate or level


What is an environmentally sustainable society?

A society that can satisfy the basic needs of humans without degrading or depleting natural resources


Do we live in an environmentally sustainable society?

Environmentalists say no environmental critics say yes


What is sustainable energy?

Energy harvested from natural sources at a rate no faster than it is being replenished


What is regenerative braking?

Reduces speed of vehicle by re-converting some kinetic Energy into electrical energy


Why are electric vehicles more efficient and cheaper to operate than gasoline or diesel vehicles?

Conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy is much more efficient than conversion of heat energy to mechanical energy due to loss of heat in an internal combustion engine


What are compressed air vehicles?

Pistons of an engine are driven by the expansion of compressed air instead of the expansion of hot gases from burning a mixture of fuel and air


Why are public transportation systems usually buses often inefficient in the USA?

Underused by commuters due to excessive reliance on private passenger vehicles