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What is albedo?

Extent to which an object reflects light from the sun


What is radiative forcing?

Net change between incoming radiation energy and outgoing radiation energy in the atmosphere


What are climate models?

Mathematical methods used to simulate the interactions of the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, and ice


How rapidly could climates shift?

Core data show natural shifts up to 18°F within a decade or two


What are the physical consequences of global warning

Melting polar ice caps, Arctic ice caps melting, Antarctic ice cap may grow due to increased precipitation


What is temperature dependent sex determination

In many species of reptile, sexthe sex of off spring is dependent on temperature at which eggs are incubated


How will rising sea levels affect marine organisms

Distributions will shift in kind, vertically upward and toward the poles


Which terrestrial animals are most vulnerable to starvation after hurricane

Frugivores and nectarivores because fruits and flowers are stripped from trees