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Cold air causes..

an increase in smooth muscle responsiveness and hence, the airways narrow


The airway will remodel over time - causing...

thickening in muscle - will now react too much to allergins in asthsma for instance


What are the 3 ways of increased airway obstruction?

Airway smooth msucle shortening (narowing of lumen)

Bronchial wall oewdema (swelling, encroachment of lumen)

Mucus hypersecretion (occulision of lumen)


What obstruction casues are targetted by relievers, controllers and preventers

Airway smooth msucle shortening and Bronchial wall oewdema


Where do controllers act?

used chronically

again on the smooth msucle - reduce the liklihood of spasm


What are the 'preventor' class of drugs

used chronically

act on inflammatory cells to reduce the burden of mediators generated in the allergic reaction


The contractile mechanism is regulated by...

intracellular calcium


What are the mechanisms increasing free calcium

TRP chanels

voltage operated calcium chanels

pohospholipase C release, which triggers release of IP3, which then releases Ca from IC stores


What are the mechanisms decreasingfree calcium

Plasma Ca2+ ATOase - extrusion (out of cell)

sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase (SERCA) - pumps calcium back into internal stores


The sets of release and reuptake Ca systems are able to generate waves of Ca through the smooth muscle cells, these waves trigger..

the contractile apparatus


What triggers Ca2+ osscilations

Phospo-lipase C, signalling molecule associaed with GPCR


The Ca2+ osscillations actives ____ ___ _____ _____,

which then phosphorylates the Myosin light chain, which the confers on the actin filaments the ATPase activity which allows then to slide over each other and shorten (muscle contraction

Myosin Light Chain Kinase


The Phospo-lipase C can also active which other enzymes

Rho kinase and protein kinase C


Rho kinase and protein kinase C inhibit...

Myosin light chain phosphatase

this is the regulatory enzyme that turns off contraction, by removing phosphate from the Myosin light chain


Hence the Rho kinase and protein kinase C signalls reinforce the ...

original signal, by inhibiting the inhibition of actomyosin crossbridge formation and hence, contraction


Protein kinase A, has influence which oppose...

the GPCR signalling mechanism
- inhibits Ca2+ ossilations
- stimulates Myosin light chain phosphatase


Protein kinase A is targeted by

the beta-2-adrenoceptor


How does B2-adrenoceptors agonists relax airway smooth muscle?

Couple though b2-atrnoceptors, couples to Gs protein which actives adenolate cyclase

Adenolate cyclase casues an increase in cAMP, which acivates PROTEIN KINASE A (which inhibits the calcium waves)


PKA inhibits the ip3R receptor, meaning...

Ca2+ cannot escapes the intracellular stores


PKA also stimulates the re-uptake of Ca via..

SERCA pump - takes Ca out of cytoplasm and hence reduces the waves


What are the key features of Short-acting B2-adrenoceptor agonists are relievers?

Short acting agents, mainstay of acute bronchodilator therapy

rapid (2-5min) onset, B2-selective (very important)

Variable degrees of efficacy, could be imporatnt in the evelpoment of tolerance


What are the adverse effects of Short-acting B2-adrenoceptor agonists?

tachycardia, tremor, hypokalemia


the controllers are used _____


12hrs duration - reduced the likelihood that the asthmatic would have their airways constrict enough to have symptoms


The long-acting b2-adrenoceptors agonists (controllers) are now combined with ..

inhaled glucocorticoid in single actuator

reduces the likelihood of symptomes, no substantial anti-inflammatory action


What is the history of b2-agonists and their associated mortality?

60s - Isoprenaline -excess mortailty (lack of selectivity, targetted CVS )

Late 80s - Fenoterol in NZ - excess mortality, asthma deaths in particular

90s LABA (long acting Beta-agonists) - was closely monitored. reduced the exacerbations of asthma

00s - SMART trial - suggested issues


Higher efficacy liekly to be an explanation to asthma exacerbations?

No, becuase some members of the class of drugs are actually partial agonsits


true or False

Excessive use could be a explanation for current exacerbations



The absence of b2-AR in mice models seems to..

interfere with the acquisition of the allergic component

There may be some signalling from the empty b2-AR, in some cell types this could be adverse, by create the right environment of the allergic asthma


In a system with baseline stimulation of b2AR , you can see the effects of..

inverse agonists