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what are deep frictions?

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what are the types of deep frictions?

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what are the 3 main therapeutic effects of deep friction?

•Traumatic hyperemia

•Pain relief

•Decreasing scar tissue & adhesions


explain the therapeurtic effect of traumatic hyperemia

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explain the therapeutic effect of pain releif

*note if the area is stimulated too much it will increase pain

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explain the therapeutic effect of decreasing scar tissue and adhesions

Inflammatory and early proliferative phases

Light DTF only


–To minimize the cross-linking & enhance the extensibility of the new tissue

–To prevent adhesion formation

–To maintain mobility between tissues

Late proliferative & remodeling phases

–Assists with the orientation of the collagen in the appropriate lines of stress

–Breakdown of adhesions (due to transverse nature of the frictions)


deep friction indications

•Chronic lesions in the ms, tendon, tendon sheaths, ligaments and joints

•Adhesions in ligaments, ms or between tissues

•Acute or subacute injuries to ligament, tendon or ms (Light DTF only)

•Can also be performed before a strong stretch to desensitize the tissues


deep friction contraindications

- Decreased sensation = can’t tell you what they are feeling

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DTF application technique - location and tissue positioning

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DTF application technique - therapist positioning 

*make sure skin follows fingers - perpendicular to tissue

•No use of lubricant

•Done perpendicular to the orientation of the tissue fibres

•Moves the pt skin with the clinician’s finger over the site of the identified lesion back & forth

•Blisters prevention: important to moves skin with fingers

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DTF application technique - amount of tension/pressure, amplitude, and rate of application

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DTF application technique - treatment duration

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DTF application technique - after application and DTF treatment frequency

Total number of treatments

•Pt specific   → until no further improvements

•Most conditions should resolve within 6-10 sessions over 2-8 wks

•If no tissue improvement after 3 sessions - Discontinue DTF

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DTF application technique - other considerations


•May exacerbate Sx following the 1st 2-3 sessions

•Need to determine if the ↑ in pain is acceptable considering pt’s condition and phase of healing

•Educate pt about it & ice application


–The application of DTF is condition & pt dependent

–The amt of tension/pressure & duration is based on the phase of healing

–The pain induced should be kept within the pt’s tolerance


DTF research for tendinopathy

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DTF research for ligament injuries

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DTF research for muscles

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DTF research for trigger points

Active trigger point = referred pain too

Non-active = pain but no referred

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takehome DTF message

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