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What is the pelvis?
What's does it do?
Greater pelvis? (False)
Lesser pelvis? (True)

Space enclosed by pelvic girdle.
• Pelvic girdle (coxal bones + sacrum) connects
vertebral column to two femurs.
• Greater (false) pelvis = inferior abdominal cavity; superior to pelvic inlet.
• Lesser (true) pelvis = inferior to pelvic brim. ➡ Bears weight of upper body;
➡ provides attachment for locomotor muscles;  contains/protects pelvic viscera;
➡attachment for muscles/membranes/erectile bodies
Check out slide 4


What bones make up the pelvic girdle?
Slide 7 and 8 for image. Learn the bones



Pelvic inlet has 3 diameters. What are they?
And tell me what makes up the pelvic outlet?

-Conjugate (true, fixed) diameter
* Transverse diameter
* Oblique diameter

Pelvic outlet?
The pelvic outlet (inferior pelvic aperture) is bounded by:
• Pubic arch anteriorly.
• Ischial tuberosities laterally.
• Inferior margin of the sacrotuberous ligament (running between the coccyx and the ischial tuberosity) posterolaterally.
• Tip of the coccyx posteriorly.


What muscles make up the pelvic diaphragm?
What is the function of the pelvic diaphragm?

• Iliococcygeus
• Pubococcygeus
• Puborectalis
Last 3 are levator ani muscles

Function? Don't know


What is the function of this passage between the piriformis and coccygeus muscle?

Don't know


The piriformis muscle
Slide 37
What's its origin, insertion, actions?

Origin: anterior surface of sacrum

Insertion: greater trochanter of the femur

Actions: laterally rotates the thigh at the hip joint. If thigh is first flexed approx. >60 degrees, piriformis becomes an abductor and medial rotator of the thigh at the hip joint.


Print every slide of and learn the shit out of them