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It is estimated that _____ people haven't died as a result of road toll safety measures



What are the essential elements of good public health policy?


Legislation and regulation (advertising, promotion, sponsorship)

Pricing and taxation

Community mobilization, understanding, support

Communications - social marketing / counter advertising


Is Australia a nation built on alcohol?

drinking was established cultural nrom in UK - came to Australia

happened at the time of the Gin epidemic

Once in Australia these heavy drinking norms or traditions contributed significantly to the destruction of indigenous culture


what were some established dirnking practices that still exists today


work and bust - binge drinking


Alcohol was once seen as...

a good healthy food

stout drinking for better breast milk


so over time alcohol has been used as a...

beverage, food, medicine, psychoactive


what caused consumption to decline in the early 1930s?

Temperance movement - 6:00 closing time

The Depression


A significant change occured in Victoria in the 1986 with the Niewenhausen report, what did it say?

Vision of European-style liberalisation of civilised drinking and freedom of choice


The proportion of young Victorians consuming 20 or more standard drinks on at least one occasion per year has increased from 26% in 2002 to ...

42% in 2009


3/4 fo Australians are negatively affected by someone else's.....

drinking, with 70,000 victims of alcohol-related assault, including 24,000 victims of domestic violence

In Victoria, a third of substantiated child abuse cases involved alcohol


What happened after the alcopops tax?

alchol sales figures showed that RTD sales fell by more than 30$ in the 2008-2009 fin year

although sales of spirits increased


Along with deregulation we have had rapid increase in ..

advertising and promotion


What causes big problems late at night?

high density of outlets

large size of venues

extended opening hours

aggressive promotions


What are the policy options?

prohibition (doesn't work) vs. harm minimisation

Regulation vs. industry self-regulation (doesn't work)

Public health education: changing the culture of drinking in Australia

School education


Enforce liquor licenses more - take them more seriously