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autosomal recessif disease

1. Cystic fibrosis
2. Sickle cell anemia
3. Tay sachs disease



- Is it a rare genetic bleeding disorder caused by a shortage of certain clotting factors. These are needed to help stop bleeding after a cut or injury to prevent spontanoues bleeding.
- 20,000 people in US suffer from it

** X-linked recessive


duchenne muscular dystrophy, what time of genetic transmission

X-linked recessive


rett syndrome, what time of genetic transmission

X-linked dominant


formula number of possible gentoypes with multiple alleles

n= number of alleles


what is compund heterozygote

an individual who carries 2 different alleles at a locus that results in a recessive phenotype


relative amount of red and yellow pigments in the pepper

1. Precursor is transformed to phyotene by the enzyme: phytoene synthase which is encode in the Y locus
2. Phytoene to violaxanthin by multiple enzymes
3. Red and yellow pigments by the CC synthase (the C locus controls this step)
** the amount of pigments determine the colour of the pepper


examples of different types of epilstatis

Example of recessive epistatsis: coat color in labrador
Of dominant epistasis: color in squash
Of duplicate recessive epistasis: alibinism in snails