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New Paradigms in Aging

- Shifting the thinking to ensure that a prolonged life is worth living to your patient
- No matter your age, the memory is still trainable. You can teach an old dog new tricks
- most older people still have the capacity to increase their muscle strength, balance, walking, and aerobic function


Vital aspects for a aging

- Engage with life- find something you do and enjoy it
- Maintain relationships- invest in new ones
- Stay connected to community
- Make good health a priority
-- eat right
-- healthy weight
-- regular medical care
-- listen to their body and report changes
-- don't smoke


Gratitude finds meaning in both ______ and _______

success- gives you pleasure
Failure- helps you learn and grow

- gratitude allows us to make sense of our past, brings peace for today, and vision for tomorrow


Fundamentals of Compassion

- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
- Empathy, kindness, love
- Kindness- everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle


Fundamentals of Forgiveness

- Your gift to others
- Your choice
- The forgiven are sometimes not deserving
- don't deny the wrong that has happened
- Don't justify the wrong that has happened
- Doesn't allow the person to repeat the wrong


Why Forgive?

- Improves your health!
- Blood pressure
- Helps sleep
- Stress levels drop
- Enables you to fight off illnesses
- Decreases risk of chronic disease
- Helps control anger
- understand the other's actions


Treatment goals

- Flu vaccine in last year
- Pneumonia vaccine last year
- Mammogram within last 2 years
- Colorectal cancer screening
- Current smokers
- Meds for high blood pressure


What treatment goals are we meeting?

- Mammogram
- Colorectal cancer screening
- Current smokers
- Meds for high blood pressure


Important for Quality of life...

- Vision screening
- Hearing screening
- eating right
- Sun protection
- Driving safety
- Home safety
- Depression screening


Benefits of service for the elderly

- If you are out caring for others you are less likely to be thinking about yourself
- Studies show evidence of physical and psychological benefits of service- most notably greater longevity, reduced depression, and a greater sense of purpose
- If widowed they feel isolated- and service helps them rejoin the world.


Benefits of service for the elderly

- Healthcare providers know that serving others is therapeutic for the elderly
- Preach the idea that "we still need you"
- Socialization is an important pillar of geriatrics


10 Pillars of Optimal Aging

- Socialization
- Exercise
- Use of talents for self and others
- Avoid accidents on the road and in the home
- Rest one day per week
- Establish a great health care team
- nothing in excess
- Manage stress
- Practice brain wellness
- Maximize one's spiritual life