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between the tonopen and tonopen XL, which is the one that you need to calibrate regularly by holding up and down

tonopen XL


Both proparacaine and benoxinate have an onset of ____ and a duration of _____

15sec, 15minutes


(T or F) A "toemark" is a serious injury

false, but if you left a toe mark you could give the pt some artificial tears


(T or F) Hand held Perkins contains a doubling prism and acts similarly to Goldman tonometry.



If pt is allergic to novocaine, is it safe to use proparacaine?



After GAT when do you recommend pt's to wear their CL's?

30-60 minutes


How do you ensure GAT probe is perpendicular to the cornea surface?

by offsetting mounting arm angle


what are the 3 basic components of the applanation tonometer 900?

1) probe 2) spring loaded probe holder 3) measuring drum


What is the area of central cornea applanation?

A) 4.25mm2
B) 5.35mm2
C) 6.55mm2
D) 7.35mm2

D) 7.35mm2


If you turn the GAT drum toward the patient, the semicircles get:

A) smaller
B) larger
C) closer
D) farther

C) closer


Your pt has small eyes and you are having difficulty performing tonometry. You try to lift the upper lid. What do you need to be careful of?

do not apply pressure on the globe while doing this, it will affect your IOP reading


An asymmetrical IOP reading between the 2 eyes is a difference of ______ mmHg or greater

3mmHg, repeat GAT if this happens