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crowd-sourcing websites

those where answers come from the public. Wikipedia is probably the best-known crowd-sourced site since anyone can contribute. While there is a staff at Wikipedia that works to keep the site accurate, the fact that anyone can go in and change the information at any time means that it cannot be considered reliable. That being said, it generally has good links to other sources and can provide useful background information. However, it should always be treated as suspect and not cited in formal research.



good manners and practices on the Internet.



Using the Internet effectively has a lot of benefits for those working in agriscience, and being able to plumb the best resources will keep their work accurate and professional. The web is also just one place to learn about the importance of agriculture in America. It built our nation when the first European settlers came here and has been the economic backbone ever since. It still plays a crucial role in many states’ economies, and much of the world counts on the United States to put food on its tables. The numerous natural resources that support agriculture also give Americans one of the most diverse diets on the planet. Keeping agriculture thriving will depend on agriscience and talented professionals willing to spend their working lives answering important questions, such as how damaging citrus cankers are. After all, there is a lot riding on American agriculture.