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Name the 6 criteria of sexual deviant behavior

1. mutual (wederzijds) consent
2. voluntariness. no coercion
3. equivalence (gelijkwaardigheid). no dominance
4. age of development adequate behavior(onset)
5. appropriate in the given circumstances
6. self-esteem: no harm


What does the Flag System do?

It evaluates the sexual behaviors in minors and gives guidelines for an adequate intervention


Describe the different colors in the Flag System.

Green: accept it, name it, explain it.
Yellow: Set limitations, name it, explain it and offer alternatives
Red: prohibit(verbieden), name it, explain, monitor, announce possible punishments or intervention and repair
Black: Prohibit, name it, explain it, intervene with punishments and/or counseling


What's the big difference between the good live's model and the risk needs responsivity model?

The first model focusses on the positive things, on strenghts. the second model focusses on the negative things, the bad ones.


name the 6 phases of the good lives model:

1. detection criminogenic needs
2. identification of primary goods trough delinquency
3. idenitification of strengths, experiences and expertise (secondary goods)
4. Translation of goods into behavior & lifestyle
5. context and environment of the individual
6. good lives treatment plan