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What type of items can be found in a keychain?

Keychains are primarily used to store authentication secrets such as resource passwords, digital certificates, and encryption keys. The keychain system can also securely store website form information and text notes.


How does the keychain system help protect your information?

The keychain system manages encrypted files that are used to securely save passwords, certificates, or notes.

By default, every user has a login keychain that has the same password as his account. Not even other administrative users can access your keychain secrets without knowing the keychain’s password.


Where are the keychain files stored?

Each user starts with a default login keychain at /Users/{account name}/Library/Keychain/login.keychain, and they can store other keychains in the same folder.

Administrative users can manage systemwide authentication assets with the /Library/Keychain/System.keychain.

Finally, Apple maintains several items in /System/Library/Keychains/ for OS X system use.


What application is used to manage keychain settings?

Keychains can be managed from the /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access application.